How to increase your VA disability rating

How To Increase Your VA Disability Rating

Generally, a combination of a medical diagnosis, the disability’s symptoms, and its effect on the Veteran’s everyday life determines the amount of benefits the disabled Veteran receives. A change in any one of these areas could significantly, and positively, affect your VA disability rating. The amount of monthly financial benefits depends primarily on the disability rating. …

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a closer look at USVSST eligibility_

A Closer Look at USVSST Fund Eligibility

Officials recently unveiled plans for yet another round of U.S. Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund payments. At roughly the same time, Congress amended the USVSST’s eligibility requirements. So, if you have a final judgement against a country which sponsored terrorism, or if you, or a loved one was a Tehran Embassy hostage anytime between …

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VA Disabilities

Most Common VA Disabilities

The Veterans Administration recently released results for the 2019 fiscal year .  Including the most common VA disabilities. In its defense, the VA’s fiscal year is different from the calendar year. And 2020 was a very busy year for all government agencies, including the VA. Other priorities, such as vaccinating as many Veterans as possible, …

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Successful Veterans Class Action Claims

Successful Veterans Class Action Claims   VA disability claims are individual claims. A doctor examines the veteran and determines the extent of the disability. Then a Claims Examiner determines if the Veteran’s disability is service-related. Both these determinations are subject to higher review. Class Action Claims are different in many ways.   Individual Veterans may …

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Lose In The CAVC

If You Lose In CAVC

Under The Appeals Modernization Act, What Do You Do If You Lose In CAVC? You may be asking what options there are if you lose in CAVC. In the before times, if the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims denied a Veteran’s appeal, that was essentially the end. Your attorney could file a motion for …

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