Changes Proposed for VA Healthcare Infrastructure

VA Healthcare

Changes Proposed for VA Healthcare Infrastructure   The Department of Veterans Affairs has finalized its recommendations to Congress to modernize VA healthcare facilities and improve working conditions for VA employees. The recommendations were submitted under the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) Commission, mandated by Congress in 2018. President Biden has until February 2023 to approve …

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Biden Endorses Burn Pit Legislation

Burn Pit Legislation

Biden Endorses Burn Pit Legislation   President Biden endorsed Burn Pit Legislation when traveling to Fort Worth, Texas on March 8, 2022. In his effort to urge Congress and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to provide better health benefits and medical care for military veterans who were exposed to burn pits during service. …

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veteran suicide

Veteran Suicide

How Does the VA Compensate for Veteran Suicide? Veteran suicide is a huge problem. Around 7,500 soldiers have sustained fatal combat injuries during the Global War on Terror, which began on 9/11.  However, four times as many Veterans, over 30,000, have taken their own lives during this period. Moreover, adding to the tragic nature of …

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