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Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) is available to Veterans who incurred the loss or loss of use of specific organs or extremities as a result of military service. If you are a Veteran with a serious disability as a result of military service you may be eligible for additional compensation from the VA. The disabilities VA can consider for SMC include:

  • Loss, or loss of use, of a hand or foot.
  • Immobility of a joint or paralysis.
  • Loss of sight of an eye (having only light perception).
  • Loss, or loss of use, of a reproductive organ.
  • Complete loss, or loss of use, of both buttocks.
  • Deafness of both ears (having absence of air and bone conduction).
  • Inability to communicate by speech (complete organic aphonia).
  • Loss of a percentage of tissue from a single breast, or both breasts, from mastectomy or radiation treatment.


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Higher Rates are Also Available

If you have a combination of these disabilities, the VA will pay high rates.There are also higher payments for various combinations of severe deafness with bilateral blindness.

Additional SMC is available if a Veteran is service-connected for paraplegia, with complete loss of bowel and bladder control. In addition, if you have other service-connected disabilities that, in combination with the above special monthly compensation, meet certain criteria, a higher amount of SMC is available.

If you are a Veteran who is service-connected at the 100% rate and you are housebound, bedridden, or so helpless as to need the aid and attendance of another person, then payment of additional SMC can be considered. The amount of SMC will vary depending on the level of disability.

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The doctors and medical professionals contracted with our law firm are experienced with Veterans like you who need help in securing all the benefits they deserve. Once we gather all your medical evidence, our medical staff will review your claim and submit an opinion on your behalf.

SMC benefits could be the difference between making ends meet and not making ends meet. For a free consultation with an experienced Veterans disability lawyer, contact Cameron Firm PC. at 800-861-7262. Serving Veterans Nationwide, No Office Visit Required. 



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