VA Claims and Appeals Process Interactive Map

Using the interactive map for the VA claims and appeals process. We’ve provided this interactive map to guide veterans through the VA claims and appeals process. Veterans will find useful information here before making any decision to file an appeal for VA disability.

How to use the interactive map for VA claims and appeals process.

* The first step is to choose your VA claims decision ‘Type’ in the dropdown menu box below.

* The date of the decision has bearing on veterans appeals so you will need to enter that next.

* Then click on ‘Submit’

This will help you determine the approximate amount of time you have left before the option to file an appeal with the Board of Veterans Appeals expires. Additionally, you will learn what options you may have when filing appeals for veterans’ claims.

Notice the variety of boxes that follow in the VA claims and appeals process funnel map. Hover over each box with your mouse and click on the box to learn more about each stage of the appeals process.

What type of decision did you receive?

What is the date of the decision?


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