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Applying for VA Disability

Applying for VA Disability? Improvements Coming!

This article provides information on applying for VA disability? The VA is implementing improvements to make it easier to apply for your VA benefits.

Effective March 24, 2015, online application tools, standardized forms, and a new “intent to file” process will create faster and more accurate decisions on your claims and appeals.

What is the ”Intent to File” process?

The VA will no longer use the Informal Claim. Heretofore it will use language with a concept called “Intent to File”. The new Intent to File is VA Form (VAF) 21-0966. The Intent to File acts as a “placeholder”. It will preserve the effective date for claims filed within one year of the Intent to File. There are, however, some very important details about how to use this new legal instrument that are crucial to understanding how this “placeholder” functions. This is especially true when a veteran intends to file multiple claims after VA receives the 21-0966. The details and full text of the Final Rule of the Department of Veteran Affairs Standard Claims and Appeals Forms can be read here.

An intent to file a claim can be submitted in one of the following three ways:

  1. A saved electronic application.
  2. Also a written intent on prescribed intent to file a claim form.
  3. Additionally an oral intent communicated to designated VA personnel and recorded in writing.

You will need to sign the Declaration of Intent which states:

By filing this form, I hereby indicate my intent to apply for one or more general benefits under the laws administered by VA. I acknowledge that: (1) this is not a claim for benefits; (2) I must file a complete application for each general benefit with VA before VA will process my claim; and (3) a complete application for the same general benefit(s) as indicated on this form must be received within one year of the date VA receives this form for my application to be considered filed as of the date of this form.

Have you been denied your VA Benefits?

If you have applied and your claim for compensation has been denied, Cameron Firm PC has certified Veteran Appeals Lawyers on staff who will fight with you to secure the benefits you deserve. We understand the sacrifices you have made.   Call us at 800-861-7262 for a free consultation. As a Veteran Appeal Lawyer, he knows the VA makes mistakes. Hence, reversing your denial may be as easy as submitting a concise, well-crafted brief to the VA.


This article is for educational and marketing purposes only. Consequently, it does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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