2024 VA Back Pay Calculator

2024 VA Back Pay Calculator

To begin, select the year and month when you first should have gotten a larger disability payment than you received.

Select Date

On this date, what percentage should the VA have been paying you?

On this date, how many dependent children did you have who were under the age of 18?

On this date, what was your marital status?

At this time, did your spouse require Aid and Attendance(A/A)?

On this date, what disability percentage was used to determine your payment?

On this date, how many dependent children did you have who were between the ages of 18 and 24?

On this date, how many dependent parents did you have?

Record a Change

If any of the above information changed through this retro payment period then click the button below, choose the date of the change and fill in the information. You may enter as many changes as needed and you can enter them in any order you want. Examples of changes could be if your rating changed through the years (i.e. it you were granted 50% from the original date and then it was raised to 70% a couple years later) or your marriage status or number of dependents changed.

Total payments received: $0.00

Those payments should have totaled: $0.00

Total you are due: $0.00

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