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The status of veteran disability claims posted in 2015.

This post is based on an article published in The Washington Times earlier this year (2015).  The VA sends back more than half of all disability appeal cases back for another review. Sometimes more than once. Veterans have had to wait years for a final decision.  Sometimes even dying before the VA resolves the case. And then only to have the VA dismiss the case.

Almost 300,00 veterans are currently waiting for appeal decisions.  And the average wait time is more that 1,200 days (over 3 years).  According to Representative Dina Titus (Nevada Democrat). Representative Titus is advocating for other ways to improve the system, including being more selective about the order in which claims are processed. It is known that the majority of those who appeal decisions are already receiving some type of disability payment from the VA. Congresswoman Titus suggested that those who are receiving nothing should be reviewed first.

Advocates from several veterans service organizations also say the VA needs to hire more employees to process claims more quickly while maintaining a high accuracy rate. They also urged the VA to offer incentives and reward employees for high-quality work, not processing a certain number of claims.

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