Applying for VA Disability

Prove An Agent Orange Presumptive Disease

Evidence Needed to Prove an Agent Orange Presumptive Disease

Information on evidence needed to prove an Agent Orange presumptive disease.  The VA requires the following evidence if you are seeking Disability Compensation for an Agent Orange presumptive disease:

Do you believe that you have a disease caused by herbicide exposure? But the VA does not list that disease as associated with Agent Orange. You may still apply for service-connection. In these cases, VA requires all of the following:

  • Competent medical evidence of a current disability,
  • Competent medical evidence of an actual connection between herbicide exposure and the current disability, AND
  • Finally competent evidence of:
    • service in Vietnam or at or near the Korean demilitarized zone during the dates shown above, or
    • exposure to herbicides in a location other than Vietnam or the Korean demilitarized zone.

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