Jacqueline McCormack


Attorney Jacqueline McCormack is an accomplished advocate with Cameron Firm, PC.

She comes from a military family and proudly represents veterans and their families nationwide.

Mrs. McCormack spent most of her childhood living on base at MCAS Cherry Point. Her father and grandfather are retired U.S. Marines. Additionally, she has additional close family members who currently serve in the military. Hence, she has seen first-hand the difficulties injured service members and veterans face.

Mrs. McCormack is licensed to practice law before the Department of Veteran Affairs. Also, she holds a law license from the state of Maryland. Further, she received her Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2010.

After graduating from law school, Mrs. McCormack worked as a litigation attorney for a mid-sized personal injury law firm in Silver Spring, Maryland. During her time, she successfully litigated numerous cases in the Maryland District Courts.

While representing clients who had been injured due to the negligence of others, Ms. McCormack became concerned about her clients’ underlying health problems. Her concern also reached veterans with disabilities and vocational opportunities. She changed careers and worked for the Appeals Council in the Social Security Administration for several years, where she advised Administrative Appeals Judges regarding findings of disability, functional capacity, and vocational outlook for SSI and SSDI claimants.

Career Success

During her time as an Attorney-Adviser for the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council, she reviewed countless files of disabled Veterans trying to navigate the complex administrative process. After moving with her family to the San Diego area, she used her personal and professional experience to step away from the government and serve Veterans navigating the complicated VA system. She joined Cameron Firm, PC.