Veterans Benefits Administration Documents

Veterans Benefits Administration Documents

Navigating the Veterans Benefits Administration Documents

This article provides insight to the Veterans Benefits Administration. As a U.S. Veteran, it is important to know your rights! If you are a veteran researching the Veterans Benefits Administration, you may sometimes feel like you are reading a foreign language document! Additionally, there are many acronyms and abbreviations that are frequently used. Therefore, if you familiarize yourself with the terms it may be a little easier to navigate the system.

Below is a list of the most commonly used:

  • ASPEN Automated Standardized Performance Elements Nationwide
  • BVA Board of Veterans’ Appeals and also
  • DRO Decision Review Officer as well as
  • MAP-D Modern Award Processing-Development additionally
  • NOD Notice of Disagreement
  • OIG Office of Inspector General RAM Resource Allocation Model
  • SOC Statement of the Case
  • SSOC Supplemental Statement of the Case
  • VACOLS Veterans Appeals Control and Locator System
  • VBA Veterans Benefits Administration

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to appeal any negative decision or denials regarding your VA benefits.

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