SMC Category S

SMC Category S

What is Special Monthly Compensation SMC Category S?

SMC Category S is a separate level of  Special Monthly Compensation that addresses Housebound Benefits.  Housebound status is another type of SMC that entitles a veteran to additional compensation.

Additional benefits are available if they are confined to their home because of their service connected disability. And it is reasonably certain that the disability will continue throughout their lifetime.

Category S is given INSTEAD of Special Monthly Compensation under Categories L through O.

If you are a veteran and have at least one condition rated 100% and one or both of the following you : 

  • You are completely and permanently housebound because of your service-connected conditions, meaning that you cannot leave your place of residence (this can include your own home, a hospital ward, or a care facility) at all, and this is expected to be the case for the rest of your life.


  •  If you have another condition rated 60% that is unrelated to the 100% condition (They affect different body system, or are a different type of disability, etc. For example, they can’t both affect the arm.)

The current compensation tables can be found here on the VA Web site.


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