Special Monthly Compensation Category R

Special Monthly Compensation Category R

What is Special Monthly Compensation Category R?

You may already know of Special Monthly Compensation Category R from another label.

Category R is also known as “Aid and Attendance” under Special Monthly Compensation (SMC).

Veterans who qualify for SMC under Category O can receive Category R benefits.  Also veterans who qualify for SMC under Categories N ½ and K together may receive benefits.

And Category R can be given to veterans who require the help of another person (aid and attendance) every day.

You can only qualify for  Category R if you require the help of another person every day to perform the following tasks:

  •  Dressing and undressing
  •  Cleaning and grooming
  •  Feeding
  •  Using the restroom
  •  Adjusting prosthetic or orthopedic appliances frequently.

Another person does not need to be with you at all times for you to qualify. But if you are unable to perform the majority of the above activities without help every day you can qualify.

Also, if your disability, physical or mental, requires that another person regularly care for you to keep you from harming yourself or others, intentionally or accidentally, you can qualify.

What if I am Bedridden?

Yes, if you are bedridden will qualify but this means that your condition is severe enough that it requires you to always be in bed. You will not qualify if you choose to remain in bed or if a physician prescribes you to a period of bed rest.

Two Different levels under Category R

Category R1: For this category, you must have to have someone helping you every day.  They must help perform the above tasks, but that person does not have to be a professional. They can be family members, friends, etc.

Category R2: For this category, the person helping you must be a licensed medical professional or someone working on behalf of a licensed medical professional. In addition, the VA must judge that the veteran would have to be hospitalized, moved to a nursing home, or otherwise institutionalized if this professional-level care at home was provided.

The current compensation tables can be found here on the VA Web site.

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