United States Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Electrocutions In Iraq

Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Electrocutions

United States Supreme Court Allows Lawsuits Over Electrocutions In Iraq

A January 2015 ruling by the United States Supreme Court allows lawsuits over electrocutions against two of the largest American military contractors to move forward. KBR Inc. is a contractor for the Department of Defense.

KBR maintains it’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. Also known as the energy capital of the world. They employ approximately 38,000 people worldwide in regions that include the Americas. And additionally Africa, Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. As much as a technology-driven engineering, procurement, and construction company, KBR delivers a wide range of services through these business units. Such as Oil & Gas; Downstream; Technology; Infrastructure, Government and Power (IGP) Americas; IGP Europe, Middle East, and Africa. In addition to IGP Asia Pacific; IGP North American Government and Logistics; Canada Operations; U.S. Construction; Building Group; Industrial Services; and Ventures.

The firms KBR, Inc, and their former subsidiary Halliburton have been award various multi-million dollar Pentagon contracts, including major electrical work projects in Iraq. 19 Americans; 16 servicemembers, two contractors, and a State Department employee died from electrocution in Iraq. Subsequently, some of the survivors sued KBR Inc. for negligence and wrongful death. KBR Inc filed for dismissal saying the lawsuits should be thrown out because the company was operating as an arm of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“In general, the government cannot be sued in such cases, but private contractors working on behalf of the government have presented a legal gray area.”


About The Lawsuits

Last month, (January 2015) the United States Supreme Court ruled that they will allow lawsuits against two of the largest American military contractors to move forward. The family of Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth, who was killed in a base shower in Iraq, claims that inferior and shoddy electrical work in Iraq led to the electrocution death of their son. Other lawsuits include claims that troops suffered health problems related to their exposure to burn pits and toxic chemicals on American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By allowing these lawsuits, the Higher Court is saying that Government contractors must be held accountable for negligence that causes harm to our troops.

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