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VA Appeals for AL Amyloidosis

VA Appeals for AL Amyloidosis Related To Agent Orange

Here you will find information on VA appeals for AL Amyloidosis related to Agent Orange. AL Amyloidosis is one of the recognized diseases that can be related to a Veteran’s qualifying military service.

The VA has now recognized AL Amyloidosis as one of many presumptive diseases. Presumptive diseases are those associated with exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service. The VA made a decision to presume AL amyloidosis is related to herbicide exposure effective May 7, 2009, based on research findings.

It is not normal for amyloid proteins (starchlike proteins) to be deposited in tissues or organs. The abnormal deposits cause a disease named AL Amyloidosis.

Primary (AL) amyloidosis is the most common form. It is not cancer, but it can occur because of some cancers. Affected organs may include the heart, kidneys, and liver. Also the bowels, skin, nerves, joints, and lungs. Symptoms include fatigue, anemia (low red blood cell count), weight loss, numbness, and tingling in limbs.

Veterans and their survivors may be eligible

To be eligible for disability compensation and health care Veterans with AL Amyloidosis must have been exposed to Agent Orange during service.

Veterans who served in Vietnam, the Korean demilitarized zone, or another area where Agent Orange was sprayed may be eligible for a free Agent Orange registry health exam.

Additionally, survivor benefits are available to spouses dependent children, and dependent parents of deceased Veterans with AL amyloidosis after exposure to Agent Orange.

Were you Denied your VA benefits?

If you were diagnosed with AL amyloidosis and you were denied your benefits, or if you are a surviving family member, you have a right to legal representation for an appeal. Cameron Firm PC has certified Veteran Appeals Lawyers on staff who will fight with you to secure the benefits you deserve. We understand the sacrifices you have made. We will help you cut through the red tape and secure the benefits you deserve. So call our office today at 800-861-7262 for a free consultation.

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