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VA Appeals for Ischemic Heart Disease

VA Appeals for Ischemic Heart Disease And Agent Orange

This article applies to VA Appeals for ischemic heart disease brought on by contact with agent orange.

Are you a veteran who developed ischemic heart disease? And did you develop the disease after being exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service? Here is some very important information. You do NOT have to prove a connection between your disease and service to be eligible to receive VA health care and disability compensation.

What is Ischemic Heart Disease?

Ischemic Heart Disease is also know by other terms. Coronary Atery Disease is a term physicians use. Additionally the term, ‘hardening of the arteries’, may described the disease. Cholesterol plaque can build up in the arteries of the heart and cause “ischemia,”. Which means the heart is not getting enough blood flow and oxygen. If the plaque blocks an artery, a heart attack can result. Up to 90 percent of heart attacks are due to: smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. Plus diabetes and abdominal obesity (“spare tire”) can bring on a heart attack. In additiong to not eating enough fruits and vegetables, lack of exercise, drinking too much alcohol, and stress.

VA benefits for Ischemic Heart Disease

To be eligible for disability compensation and health care Veterans with Ischemic Heart Disease must have been exposed to Agent Orange during service. Veterans may be eligible for a free Agent Orange registry health exam. Eligible Veterans served in Vietnam, the Korean Peninsula and in any area sprayed with Agent Orange.

Surviving spouses, dependent children and dependent parents of Veterans who were exposed to herbicides during military service and died as the result of ischemic heart disease may be eligible for survivors’ benefits.

The Health and Medicine Division of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine performed a study. Their study examined exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used during the Vietnam War. The conclusion was that exposure is associated with an increased chance of developing ischemic heart disease. And that they found suggestive but limited evidence to support this claim.

As a result, VA recognized ischemic heart disease as associated with exposure to Agent Orange. Or other herbicides during military service. VA’s final regulation recognizing this association took effect on October 30, 2010.

Were you denied your VA Benefits?

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