VA Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses

VA Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses

VA Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses, Dependents, and Survivors

We will explain what may be available in the way of VA Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses. As well as their dependents and other family members.

If you are the spouse, family member and/or dependent of a Servicemember who died or was seriously injured in the line of duty, you may be eligible for many different types of VA benefits. And these benefits may be used to get an education, advance in a career, or provide supplementary income. Additionally, surviving spouses may benefit from VA-guaranteed home loans. VA home loan programs may be used to obtain homes and condominiums.  Also use a VA loan for manufactured homes. In addition to refinance an existing home loan; or install energy-saving improvements.

Below is a brief list of some of the VA benefits you may have earned as a surviving spouse, or family member of a Veteran or Servicemember:

  • Compensation
  • Education and Training
  • Also Employment Services
  • Health Care
  • Home Loans and Housing-Related Assistance
  • Plus Life Insurance
  • In Addition to Memorial Benefits
  • And Pension
  • Also Much More…


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