Veterans’ Board of Appeals Hearing

What Happens at a Veterans’ Board of Appeals Hearing?

Learn what happens at a Veterans’ Board of Appeals hearing. 

Personal hearings with a Board Member are informal. The Board Member will identify him/herself and will make sure you agree about what the claims are on appeal. The Board Member will tell you about what happens during the hearing and you will be asked to take an oath to tell the truth. You will be given a chance to make sure any information you think is important is heard and understood by the Board Member.

If you have a legal representative, he/she will ask you questions to help you explain your claim. If not, the Board Member will ask you to tell about your claim. The Board Member may or may not ask questions during the hearing. You can add evidence to your claim at the hearing. The evidence will be added to your file and reviewed by the Board Member when a decision is made on your claim.

The Board Member does not make a decision on your claim at the hearing. A transcript of the hearing will be made and sent to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals with your file. When the Board Member gets all this information he/she will review it and make a decision.

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