Presumed Disability

Presumed Disability

What is “Presumed Disability”?

This article helps us understand what a Presumed Disability is. The VA requires specific evidence to qualify veterans for Disability Compensation. You must have medical evidence of a current physical or mental disability. Additionally there must be evidence of a relationship between your disability and an injury, disease, or event in military service. The VA requires Medical records or medical opinions to establish this relationship.

There are exceptions and in some cases, the VA may decide that the veteran’s service caused certain current disabilities. Even if there is no specific evidence proving this in your particular claim. The VA refers to this case as a “Presumed Disability”.

As listed on the VA website , the VA presumes the cause of a disability for the following:

  • Veterans who are former prisoners of war
  • Veterans who have certain chronic or tropical diseases that become evident within a specific period of time after discharge from service
  • Also, Veterans exposure to ionizing radiation, mustard gas, or Lewisite while in service
  • Veterans exposure to certain herbicides, such as by serving in Vietnam
  • Veterans who served in Southwest Asia during the Gulf War


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