Brown Water Vets

Brown Water Vets

Who Are The Brown Water Vets?

Why does the VA refer to some Vietnam Vets as Brown Water Vets and others as Blue Water Vets?

Brief history: The term “brown-water navy” originated in the American Civil War. According to Gary Joiner who wroteMr. Lincoln’s Brown Water Navy: The Mississippi Squadron American Crisis” (2007 Rowman & Littlefield), because of the Mississippi’s murky brown water.  Hence, the Navy quickly referred to the ships that participated in the Civil War’s Mississippi River campaigns as the “brown-water navy”. After which the Navy referred to the regular U.S. Navy the deep-water or blue-water navy.

Brown Water Vietnam Vets

During The Vietnam War, the term was also very fitting because of SE Asia’s murky inland waters. During that time”Brown Water” referred to the Inland Waterways, literally inside the land boundaries of the country.

Generally, a “Brown Water” Veteran is a Vietnam NAVY Veteran, that never set foot on Vietnamese soil. They served on NAVY ships that operated in the inland waterways of the Republic of Vietnam. Therefore, the VA decided early on that exposure to Agent Orange is more likely with Brown Water Vets.

If you are a Brown Water Vietnam Veteran, you can get many of your current disabilities service-connected on the basis of a legal presumption of exposure to Agent Orange.

Now the Blue Water Navy vets who served in Vietnam are rightfully fighting for their disability benefits. Hopefully, the law will be changed soon. We will keep you posted.

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