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Mustard Gas Exposure

World War II Mustard Gas Exposure

Many World War II Veterans suffer from mustard gas exposure. So, In an effort to help, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., introduced legislation in May 2016. 

The U.S. military conducted classified experiments and used the veterans as subjects.  Additionally, the military forced veterans to swear an oath of secrecy.  They remained silent for a half-century.

Investigations have found that the VA failed to notify thousands of mustard gas test subjects of their eligibility to apply for compensation. Also, the VA routinely denied claims from veterans who qualified. That they did not have enough evidence of their participation in the tests to get benefits was the reason. However, there were no official records of the tests.

The experiment included about 60,000 Army and Navy troops. Preparing U.S. military troops to face mustard gas is battle was the purpose of the experiments. Serious illnesses like leukemia are known to because by mustard gas exposure.  Also, skin cancer and chronic breathing problems have been linked to exposure to mustard gas.

The Arla Harrell Act

Senator McCaskill is naming the bill, The Arla Harrell Act after a man thought to be the last surviving Missourian who served as a mustard gas test subject.  Mr. Harrell is now 89 years old and lives in a nursing home. His repeated claims for compensation have been denied by the VA, as recently as this year.  The bill calls for the VA and the DoD to establish a new policy for processing claims for mustard gas exposures, and to reconsider all previously denied claims. In doing so, the bill says the VA should presume that veterans were exposed to the toxic agents “unless either agency can definitely prove otherwise.”

McCaskill’s office investigated the treatment of mustard gas test subjects. With cooperation from the VA and the Pentagon, McCaskill found that only 40 living veterans are currently receiving compensation for injuries resulting from the experiments and that 90 percent of veterans’ claims for mustard gas-related injuries have been denied.

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