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Open Air Burn Pits

Open Air Burn Pits in Iraq and Afghanistan

Open-air burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan have damaged the health of a vast number of veterans. Last year (January 2015), the U.S. Supreme Court allowed several lawsuits to move forward against government contractors that were used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The higher court declined to hear appeals filed by KBR Inc and Halliburton Co..

The lawsuits include claims that troops suffered severe health problems related to their exposure to burn pits and toxic chemicals on American bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During the war with Iraq and Afghanistan, the military and its contractors disposed of garbage, and everything else it did not want, in open-air burn pits. Many veterans claimed that the smoke from the burn pits was toxic and made them sick. Beginning in 2008, veterans across the United States began suing former Haliburton, a subsidiary of KBR Inc. The Defense Department had contracted KBR Inc to provide logistics support in Iraq and Afghanistan. KBR, which ran many of the burn pits, claims that military commanders told them to operate the burn pits and that burning the garbage was the most secure and least negative option for disposing of waste.

However, breathing the dust, fumes, and other toxic substances from burn pits, exposed the troops, to serious health hazards. Some of the chemicals are highly toxic, and some are deadly proven carcinogens.

BURN PIT Appeal Claims

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