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VA Appeals for Multiple Myeloma

VA Appeals For Multiple Myeloma And Agent Orange

This article covers VA Appeals for Mutiple Myeloma claims that have been denied.

Are you a veteran who developed multiple myeloma? And did you develop the disease after being exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service? If so, you do not have to prove a connection between your disease and service to be eligible to receive VA health care and disability compensation. It is now considered a presumptive disease.

There has been a lot of research on multiple myeloma and herbicides.

The Health and Medicine Division of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has done a study.  They wanted to learn if there were any association between exposure to the herbicides used in Vietnam and the development of multiple myeloma. And so they found limited/suggestive evidence of an association was their conclusion. 

Understanding Multiple Myeloma

An overproduction of certain proteins from white blood cells causes Multiple Myeloma cancer. Plasma cell tumors in bones appear in multiple parts of the body.  Therefore, the name is Multiple Myeloma. There are often no symptoms until the disease progresses.

Symptoms can include:

  • bone pain
  • unexplained bone fractures
  • repeated infections
  • weakness or numbness in the legs
  • abnormal proteins in the blood or urine
  • anemia
  • fatigue
  • high level of calcium in the blood

Were you denied your VA benefits for multiple myeloma?

To be eligible for disability compensation and health care Veterans with multiple myeloma must have been exposed to Agent Orange during service.

Veterans who served in Vietnam, the Korean demilitarized zone or another area where Agent Orange was sprayed may be eligible for a free Agent Orange registry health exam.

Surviving spouses, dependent children and dependent parents of Veterans who were exposed to herbicides during military service and died as the result of multiple myeloma may be eligible for survivors’ benefits.

Legal Help for Veterans Appeals

Cameron Firm PC has certified Veteran Appeals Lawyers on staff who will fight with you to secure the benefits you deserve. We understand the sacrifices you have made. So we are greatly qualified to help you cut through the red tape. Call us today at 800-861-7262 for a free consultation.  If you have been denied your benefits, you have the right to appeal.   Call us because we are here to help you secure all the benefits you deserve.

This article is for educational and marketing purposes only. Consequently, it does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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